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So I don't have to remind myself

Main characters;
Cloud Ciel Harmonia-The wiry, yet cruel female protagonist, she often attempts to threaten others if they talk shit about Pokemon, Team Plasma, or N. Despite this she acts fairly maternal towards young Pokemon or N, even though she dislikes children.
Natural Gropius Harmonia-The frail-bodied and minded male protagonist,N acts like the introvert of Cloud, often asking her questions that he otherwise should have learned. He cares deeply for Pokemon, and cries over such simple matters.
Pale Wave(Samurott)-After being abandoned by consecutive trainers, she is taken as a starter by Cloud. Pale Wave is very kind and protective, treating her trainer like a sister.
Kitsumi(Zoroark)-The first Pokemon N assisted when he was a boy and has been like a brother to him. Kitsumi's pretty cocky and protective towards those he cares about.
Screechwing(Archeops)-He was found by N,Cloud and Kitsumi while in an attempt to escape with Nurouga. He's fairly snappy, yet cheerful.
Nurouga(Carracosta)-He was found by N,Cloud and Kitsumi while in an attempt to escape with Screechwing. He has a tender heart and prefers unnecessary violence.
Kadiako(Liepard)-Taken in by Cloud after being abandoned to die by her former trainer, Kadiako is gentle yet mischievous, often taunting Cloud about N.
Zoro-A clone of Kitsumi made by Colress, Zoro bears several traits to Kitsumi. He was taken in by Anthea and Concordia after Whitefire's Reawakening Ceremony.
Anthea-Once an orphan on the streets with Concordia, Anthea is a gentle, peaceful young lady who's not very fond of violence.
Concordia-Once an orphan on the streets with Anthea, Concordia is more outgoing than her sister, resorting to threats if necessary.
Colress Redwood Pine-A brilliant young man who often gets treated like an abused wife to Ghetsis, Colress is meek, yet ambitious.
Faith-A pacifistic girl, Faith is quite timed, usually seen near her sister, or her Watchog, Scout
Aldith-The more ambitious younger sister of Faith, Aldith is often seen with Faith, her Liepard, Reepa, or (believe it or not) Colress.
Whitefire-The dragon that was summoned from the Light Stone by Cloud, she is strong-willed and gentle.
Thunderstrike-The dragon that was summoned from the Dark Stone by N, he is powerful, yet just, to the point where he'll refuse to participate due to a battle being unfair to his opponents. 
Aurea Juniper-The Pokemon professor of Unova, Aurea is bipolar, but tries to not let it show.
Icethorn-Whitefire and Thunderstrike's younger sister, Icethorn dislikes being feared by people, often giving off complements to others to make herself seem less intimidating.
Bianca-A ditzy young lady with the bad habit of groping Cloud.
Shira Fleur Hylore-A once ditzy girl who attempted to defeat the Unova league with the guidance of Claude.
Ghetsis-The not-so-obvious antagonist, Ghetsis is Cruel, overly sadistic, and just plain evil. Being the father of N, he enjoys watching him and Cloud suffer.
Echo-N's biological mother, she dies saving her son's life. Her spirit still resides in her old house in Lentimas Town.
Queen Aria the Just-The younger sister of the two princes of the legends who brought peace to her kingdom after the fight between Whitefire and Thunderstrike.
Rose Melody ________-An orphan who was taken by Cloud's cousin, RK. She often is seen with the Slaking that took her in. Cloud refuses to go near her.

Minor Characters;
Claude-A young man who conceals almost everything about him except for his hatred for Neo Plasma and Ferris wheels.
Grey-A cloaked man who reveals nothing of himself, but claims to know Claude...
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